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Tee hee...

So, i was watching Rocko's Modern Life, and the episode in question had a fantasy theme to it. Philbert was a fairy godmother who had just made Rocko into a prince, and Heffer/'ze COW into a princess inwhich he exclaimed, "I am puuurrtty!"

To complete the set, Philbert 'ze fairy turtle godmother made a rat drawn potato their carriage. Just figured that was hilarious imagery, figured y'all would like to know.

Anyhizzy, got off the phone with mein recruiter guy, states that mein background check has been completed and my past legal, um, 'problems' will not bar me from joining due to mein excielente ASVAB scores. Wellp, next stage i guess is the physical examination, and sadly, im gonna have to take all the Niacin and Green tea i can in order to be fully, and correctely 'prepared.'

Got work this eve, not looking forward to it...but, then again, i never look forward to going to 'ze slavery known as Osco. I really cant reiterate to people how very much that job 'o mine is ever so bad, and how it fills me with a terrible, bloody rage everytime i report. O well, i suppose working for dumbasses, at crappy pay, at horrible sects of hours, with no good collective hours, just plain sucks...thats my opinion anyhoo.

Wellp, hopefully madame Jessica Bucko can hook me up with a position at Baker's Square, either that or i should talk to Art, this gay stripper who lives up in Chi-Town who makes amazing money and lives in this gorgeous apartment. Hes currently working on getting me a fake ID the kind bastard, maybe i could also use him as a reference, perhaps to work up at Boystown, or maybe even the acclaimed Sugar Shack.

Who the hell knows, alls i know right now is that i am one broke, frustrated bi boy who really wants some freakin' zen in life. Wheres me Zen!?!
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