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Im in some pain right now, while running inside the house a wee bit tipsy+high this eve to go get money to pick up our pizza, i fell on my left leg in my cold, snow ridden drive way. Winslow and Barry got out immediately and where all "O my god dude are you ok?" and i was all "oww..."

Anyhoo, i got a pizza, and i was quite pleased, though mein leg really hurts and i have been limping ever since.

Got a call from Sergeant Shumate today, gonna give me my med. eval date or next basic meet-up date on fri., so, was kinda pumped about that. It did, however, had me singing Rocky Horror's song 'Sword of Damocles' with a more personal air. I, just like him, ' at the start of a pretty big downer!!' well, although that has yet to be determined, i just think that this whole military thing shall either greatly assist me in this game of life, or be a sincerely large fuck up. 'nyway, that whole thought process was stagnant in my mind even as i clouded it this evening, and it was weird.

OO, and i also dyed the tips of mein hair violet, most purty.
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