Internecine Jester's Confection Purveyor/Aidan (incarnadine_pez) wrote,
Internecine Jester's Confection Purveyor/Aidan

Another weekend has fizzled away...hee, fizzle.

I dont think i have recorded an account of a weekend's happennings in awhile, which is a shame because some fun a goings on usually occur 'round them.

Although, i dunno. Biggest highlights i suppose was seeing Diana, and Winslow puking, for they were both quite good. Winslow was pretty funny, hes all sleeping and stuff on his floor, then before you know it hes up and aboot nearly puking all over himself and the floor. He then reached fer a bag where the majority of the spew was collected, i brought him another bag, yea...

Money is a really big issue/problem, 'cuz without earth monies, how in the hell am i supposed to appear all human like, o and take care of 'ze bills. It is ever so depressing having car payments for a car you no longer drive, due to breaking it an all. And, i just recently found out why it is i had this horrible build up of payments to the bank, 'cuz the fucking city of mt. prospect doesnt know when the fuck to cash in on some fucking checks i send them in payment of outrageous tickets. Soo, i have to pay another $25 to the fuckers because of their stupidity, bringing the grand total up to $150 for a speeding charge, which absolutely sucks! Argh!

I think i saw a zombie Joebei this weekend, he looked all, how they say, not alive. Hee, i told him he looked as if he had returned from the war, and several parts of him died on the field along with his comrades. O well...good times were had.
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I dear, what weekend, it was like nam all over again.